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Zero Risk, Maximum Value: Elevate Your Revenue with our Hassle-Free Vending Solution!

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No Risk

Partnering with us means carrying a full line of vape products without any financial risk. You won't need to invest in inventory or spend any capital; we handle it all.

Generous Revenue Share

Unlike others, we're confident in our model. Our deal ensures a higher percentage of sales, aiming to make you happy and successful.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Elevate your establishment's offerings and create a stylish, space-efficient vaping hub for your customers.


Cashless Payments

Convenience at its best - accept credit, debit, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and other cashless payments.


Why Us?

Partner with Confidence

About Us

Innovation and Accessibility Drive Us

Founded by three passionate brothers, The Vaping Elf began with a shared love for vaping and a vision to transform product distribution in the vaping industry. Our commitment lies in making top-quality vaping products more accessible to enthusiasts while offering businesses an innovative revenue stream.

We’re pioneers in pushing boundaries, constantly seeking new solutions to meet the evolving needs of the vaping community. Our goal is simple: ensure easy access to vaping products for anyone who desires them, all within establishments like yours.

How It Works

Partnering Made Simple


We handle the shipping and delivery, ensuring a seamless installation at your establishment


Tailored to fit your brand, our machines sport custom wraps and specially animated company logos on the digital screen

Setup & Maintenance

Leave the setup and flawless sales to us. We keep the machine fully stocked with top brands and ensure it operates seamlessly

Our Vending Machines

Cutting-Edge Convenience

Elevating Distribution

Experience the future of product distribution with The Vaping Elf's state-of-the-art vending machines. Featuring a customizable 32" advertising display, a durable and secure metal body, swipe & authentication verification, and an anti-theft lock, our machines redefine convenience and security.

Convenience Meets Style

Our machines aren't just functional - they're a statement. Designed to complement any establishment, they add a touch of sophistication while providing easy access to the finest vaping products.

Redefining Vaping Experience

Explore Our Machines, Partner with Us

At The Vaping Elf, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the way vaping enthusiasts access their favorite products. Our cutting-edge vending machines offer a convenient, stylish, and secure way to access top-quality vaping essentials. From sleek design to innovative features, our vending machines are strategically placed in 21+ businesses to elevate the vaping experience.

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